Cybersecurity Black Hat…Breaking Bad

Cybersecurity black hats. Breaking Bad

I like Breaking Bad just as much as any other fan of the show. “Heisenberg” and his chemical romance. His black hat is all to indicative of something we are all to familiar with in the IT world. Black hats will seemingly always have noteworthy advantages over cybersecurity corporations and governments. Mindset and methodology will be the impetus for success, as software and ancillary prevention measures are only an outcome of critical security thought processes by consultants and cybersecurity experts in today’s environment; unsuitable defense mechanisms imprisoned to the interiors of bureaucratic corporate and government environments in their truest form – “overly concerned with procedure at the expense of efficiency or common sense.”


The rules of the cyber battlefield are definitely imbalanced. Black hats have unwritten permissions and a series of anarchistic values, much as the terms origins suggest. Unstructured environments in which black hats operate have no imposed hierarchy, rules, ethics, and true meaningfulness. Add to that the pouring of cognizant technological challenges, anti-government, anti-capitalism, anti-establishment, and the motivations become endless. They have the luxury of simply “develop and deploy,” a definitive shortened system development life cycle that hides in the shadows.


It’s not to suggest that corporations and governments should squander or surrender their ethics. On the contrary, strengthen them at the core. To fight with meaning and engage a successful battle, one must move from an exclusively defensive position. Strategically offensive, legal, and well thought out actions and cyber battlefield tactics can be taken in order to willfully distract and befuddle black hat hackers into believing what is not real, is actually real. They end up with nothing, but useless data. Paint a little abstract of black into your white hat, and you may start thinking and employing methods that are more effective.