Holography Coming Fast(er)


Have you seen the performance of Tupac at Coachella? It's fascinating technology.  Although it wasn't a hologram, but it's what we all think of as a hologram.  Sorry, I know...I just as well think of it that way as well.  No less fascinating though. It was CGI based on a technique known as "Pepper's Ghost", that actually dates back to the 1800's with the use of of reflections and glass.   However, while we all (including myself) discuss Bitcoin, SaaS, IaaS, Cloud Applications, Mobile, and what celebrity has a problem this week; it's important to recall that there are vast improvements taking place in a number of industries.  And they are happening...quietly.   Holography was developed in 1947. It has been available in a variety of simpler applications for quite some time. You are likely holding onto to it now as most currency and credit cards have holograms on them. The science behind holography is advancing quickly.  It has for example; technology and data storage capabilities well beyond what is available today in the conventional optical techniques. As computing becomes more powerful, holography is and will have seemingly infinite applications.  Keep an eye on the road ahead, not just the car in front of you.  

Author: Richard Van Staten

Richard Van Staten is the CEO of Quantam, Chairman of Van Staten & Associates, and Founder of Sugarskull Software and Cypheriot. He is a public speaker and author of “Coined”, a book about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and the Exchanges.